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Low growth in 2020/2021, although there are still areas with strong potential for development. After several years of uninterrupted growth, global consumption of rosé wine subsided in 2020 and retreated in 2021. Countries such as France, the United States, and Italy show a particularly notable trend reversal in this regard. Nonetheless, avenues for growth still exist (particularly in Belgium, Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Asia-Oceania), and some markets even witnessed an upturn between 2019 and 2021 (Germany, UK and Netherlands).Generally speaking, rosés serve as a “crisis absorber” in the category of still wines.

In parallel, global rosé production continues to rise. This development raises some questions in a context of shrinking consumption levels. Production remains concentrated in three countries (France, Spain and the US account for 66% of worldwide production). Several countries have seen an upswing in rosé production, in the Southern Hemisphere (Chile and New Zealand) and Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria).

France has further solidified its global positioning in the world of rosé. It is the no. 1 producer, no. 1 consumer, no. 1 exporter in value (no. 2 behind Spain in volume) and no. 1 importer in volume (particularly entry-level Spanish wines).

International trade in rosé continues to progress. About half of all rosés cross at least one national border before being consumed. Spain remains the top exporter in volume, and France the top exporter in value.

The US market is shifting towards “dry”, higher value rosés and away from its traditional blush/white zin. After a significant increase between 2015 and 2019, imports of rosé plummeted in 2020 and 2021. In the category of imported rosé wines, France is the leader in volume and has traditionally been positioned as a “trend-setter”.

*Rosés that have historically been made in California. These wines tend to be richer in colour and higher in sugar than European rosés.

Sources : IWSR Wine Intelligence


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